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September 5, 2012
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Icons for a Good Cause - CLOSED

Wed Sep 5, 2012, 12:03 PM
Update 04-01-2013: Project will be on hold and not accepting any more requests. I will clear the waiting list and then close the project for good. :)

Update of the Update: Well dang, people, the interest is so high that I'll open a few more slots, it's for a good cause after all. xD That means that there's a chance you'll have to wait a bit longer though since I'll have more to work through. :)
Update 02-27-2013: The project is open again and I will be taking orders for five more slots before closing for good. That means this is not only your last chance to participate in the project but also your last chance to get one of the chibis in my old style. As always, comment on the journal if you would like to commission an icon in order to help out; in depth guidelines below. :)

Update 12-25-2012: The project will be on hold for a little while so I can clear off the list and also get all the other stuff done that I still need to do. Mind, it's not completely closed, it's just on hold until further notice. On another note I am very happy to tell you that the total of points raised has risen to a smashing 5696 :points:! :la: You guys really rock! :heart:

Update 09-27-2012: Great news for those who cannot afford an icon! Blender-Madness has offered another 400 :points: for those who don't have enough of their own! :happybounce: Please go shower her with lots of love for this amazing generosity! :heart:
The three free icons have already been taken though. Went a little quicker than I expected. :XD:

Update 09-22-2012: I have just been able to forward another 960 :points: to the dAWishingWell which brings the total of points raised to 3356! You guys definitely rock! :la: Keep the orders coming! :nod:
Also check out RevedeKat's profile, who has started her own spin-off of this project with digital chibis instead of icons. :heart:

Update 09-09-2012: I would like to thank everybody who has ordered and donated so far and who made it possible to raise a whopping 2396 :points: to this point! :la: I have just forwarded this first batch of points to the dAWishingWell and I am obviously still working on the outstanding icons. :)
Please keep the orders coming, any donation is welcome and will be forwarded again later on! :nod:

Purchase an icon and support one of deviantART's most generous and big-hearted groups, the dAWishingWell!

For just 120 :points: - that is almost 4 times less than the usual price - you will receive a customized chibi icon including (!) simple blinking animation. Every single point raised during this project will go towards the dAWishingWell in order to help them help others. If you are not familiar with the group and their manifold kind hearted actions, then just stop by their profile and have a look. You will surely not be disappointed. :)

How exactly can you help?

First and foremost please :+fav: this journal in order to help spread the word! The more people will be aware of the project, the more people can help.

If you have some points of your own to spare, then you can donate and receive the following:

  • For 120 :points:
    Customized Chibi Icon in this style: Ganesha by ValaSedai :thumb316264324:
    blinking animation included

    In order to distinguish the project icons from the existing ones a small dA signature will be added.
    Please only ask for human(oid) characters.
  • For 120+ :points:

    Customized Chibi Icon (like above) & a gallery feature
  • For 200+ :points:
    Customized Chibi Icon including simple extra animation. Examples: Wonder Woman for Moonbeam13 by ValaSedai Reti by ValaSedai
    & a gallery feature

Depending on the demand a certain waiting time can occur so I beg you to be patient since I am working on the icons alone.
Please do NOT transfer any points before I have confirmed the transaction and always transfer them to me (ValaSedai), I will forward them to the group afterwards!

This means that this type of chibi icon will not be available in my normal commissions anymore, they will only be created as part of this project (and possibly as trades and gifts).

When will the project end?

As long as there is enough demand I don't plan to put a deadline on the project and you can keep ordering icons. :)

I repeat again that every single point will be forwarded to the dAWishingWell!

Waiting List:

1. Lucinhae x1

Donator List:

Goth-Princess11234 (2I), Aikolein (5I+6), SparklyDest (1I), Silver-moon123 (2I+80), capochi (1I), Blender-Madness (5I+55), hola365 (1I), RylieOh (1I+80), Happy-Nyan (5I), Filicia-A-Lovelace (2I), Tollador (1I+10), Cementiet (1I+180), Lillieath (2I), Furuha (1I), RevedeKat (1I), cNhiansae (1I), SteffieSilva (2I), MugenNoMahouFantaji (6I+80), Koukounut (1I+30), kiki-chii (2I), WanNyan (2I), Manami-yukihara (1I), Poplex (1I), windyautumnmoon (1I), Chrisily (1I+80), Riuori (1I), Art-of-Sorrows (1I+30), JacobxBella4ever (1I), Lucinhae (4I), Kei-Ivory (2I+160), DragonA7X (2I+5), ElleDontYouDare (3I+240), Bakaar (2I), IssuesAndDrama (1I), Eitvys200 (1I+90), mirz-alt (3I+240), XxAzureShadexX (2I+160), Kesyu (1I+102), Schnitzelyne (1I), Doggy-Yasha (2I+80)

Funds raised this far:

11018 :points:
thereof forwarded: 11018 :points:

Completed Icons:

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Chrisily Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Student General Artist
Hello, it's Chrisily and I recently got a new computer and would like to re-download my icon? Could you please send me a link of some sort?
ValaSedai Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No worries, I'll send you the link in a note. :)
Chrisily Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks! :)
Chrisily Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Student General Artist
By the way, it's the 11th Doctor one, and yes, I am TrekkieSoka.
ElleDontYouDare Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Student General Artist
awww are these discontinued?

I got one more MTT (the brother to the last batch I had you do) and what not.

if you don't offer these anymore, what are the other ones you offer? ;3;

this character: [link]
ValaSedai Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw yeah, I'm sorry, I've been doing these way longer than I wanted and got really really sick of them. :hmm:
The only other thing I could offer are my normal commissions here: [link]
ElleDontYouDare Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Student General Artist
Dang it im 340 points short.

Ill get back to you on that.
Thank you again!
ValaSedai Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem. :)
Lurockia Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As soon as slots open up again, you can count me in for one. :giggle:
ValaSedai Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah well the project will technically not take any more requests. :hmm:
As soon as the list is cleared off it will be closed for good, I'm sorry. I've already accepted a good twenty requests more than originally planned. ^^;
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