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October 4, 2013
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Yep, the deadline's finally here. :la:
And I think I can officially assume that you guys are out to kill me. How the heck am I supposed to pick only three between all these wonderful entries? :stare: Well, there's a good chance you'll get the results only in 2014, so sit tight. :B
How about browsing through all the entries in the meantime? You can find them here:…
There's two last minute entries in there too, so be sure to check it all out. :)

Just a small remark:
If you plan to draw Gorhn, please please please don't forget that he is freakishly tall for a Bosmer. I speak from experience when I say people have overlooked that and it's one of the things that make him relatively unique so just...keep it in mind, mkay? xD He's literally Altmer size. Maybe at the lower range for Altmer but still tall enough to actually BE an Altmer. (which btw he could be partly, seeing as he never knew his parents D: ) Now I'm babbling. /runs off

I was extremely happy to see how much positive feedback this idea received in my last journal so there you go, the contest will take place! :la:

The goal is simple:
Draw at least one of your and at least one of my OCs together in an artwork.
I have three characters available (see below) and you are free to choose more than one if you want, just like you can add as many of your own OCs as you want/need.
My characters are all three Elder Scrolls OCs but you can use ANY of your own OCs, they don't have to be TES related. Let's create some whacky crossovers! 8D
Since I have been asked: Your OCs don't have to be human ones! Anthros, creatures, animals,...anything is fine. :)

The contest is open to all skill levels! I intend to put a lot more weight on creativity, originality and effort than skill when judging. For once this will be a contest that will be judged solely by myself. Just makes most sense since they're my own characters. Only if I really can't decided between two works will I get some outside help. :)

Any visual media are allowed! And upon request by one deviant I have decided to allow literature to give pure writers a chance as well. Instead of drawing an artwork with our characters you'll simply have to write a short story with them. :nod:

I'm okay with mature content as long as you keep it below an excessive level.

You can create as many entries as you want! You can only place once though.

What can you win?

1st Place:
300 :points: by ValaSedai
50 :points: by Tannywantan
1 character bust/halfbody drawing with simple bg by ValaSedai
1 animated pixel chibi icon in this style by ValaSedai
1 blinking icon by Tannywantan
3-month feature of winning piece on my profile page in big format
Journal Feature by rainylake

2nd Place:
100 :points: by ValaSedai
50 :points: by Tannywantan
1 blinking pixel chibi icon in same style as above by ValaSedai
1 blinking icon by Tannywantan
1-month feature of winning piece on my profile page in big format
Journal Feature by rainylake

3rd Place:
50 :points: by ValaSedai
50 :points: by Tannywantan
1 blinking icon by Tannywantan
Journal Feature by rainylake


December 1st, 2013; 00:00 Paris Time
December 23rd, 2013; 00:00 Paris Time

Available Characters incl. References/Descriptions:

Gwynella 'Gwyn' Lysayne Farsmith
Race: Breton
Age: 19
Height: 1,70m/5'7''
Eye colour: dark brown
Hair Colour & Style: white blond, straight, shoulder length, untidy fringe since she cut it herself, sometimes partly held back (see references)
Facial & Body Features: big tilted eyes, high cheekbones, small round mouth, very pale skin, slim build
Preferred Clothing:… or anything cutesy
Preferred Weapons: magic, mostly fire destruction

Key Words: orientational disaster, klutz, pyro-mage, runaway noble, daydreamer, hopeless romantic, horribly naive, book worm (mostly corny novels)

A Breton aristocrat's daughter who ran away from home after her father decided it would be in his best interest to marry her to a rivaling family's son for political reasons. Wanted to reach the Imperial City but ended up in Skyrim thanks to her nonexistent orientational skills. For a Breton she's extremely untalented in magic, partly because she's got concentration issues due to all the daydreaming she can't quite get under control. The only branch of magic she's got down is fire magic. Doesn't mean she's not constantly setting stuff on fire anyway. :facepalm:

Visual References:
Idyll by ValaSedaiReminiscence by ValaSedaiDiscovery at Dusk by ValaSedai

Gorhnlas 'Gorhn' Silvan Pinethorn
Race: Bosmer
Age: ~40 (behaves like human equivalent of late twenties)
Height: 1,96m/6'5''
Eye Colour: amber on the right; milky white on left blind eye
Hair Colour & Style: orange red, long mohawk combed down to the left
Facial & Body Features: long protruding chin, close cut goatee, thin tilted eyes, very thin lips, long pointed noise, honeybrown skin, freckles all over, lanky but very muscular, two golden rings in right ear, burn scar around his blind eye, on his right arm and on his left hip (as seen here)
Preferred Clothing: or nothing at all
Preferred Weapon: bow and arrow; daggers and knives; fists; feral, animalistic fighting style

Key Words: alcoholic, tree hugger, nudist, bisexual, satyromaniac, pyrophobe, no morals whatsoever, childish idiot, short attention span

Abandoned by unknown parents as an infant he was found and raised by a Breton prostitute who taught him the few magic tricks she knew as she realized how much talent for the arcane arts he showed. She named him after a fictional Bosmer hero that she read about in one of her books. (He detests the corny name and never uses more than an abbreviation of his first name.) Growing up in a brothel he saw things at a very young age that no child should ever have to see. At age 11 when attempting to rescue his foster mother from an overeager and very violent customer he manages to set the whole establishment on fire in his rage, costing him half his sight as well as his mother's life and earning him his burn scars as well as a mortal fear of fire and magic in general. Becomes a thief over time and teams up with the Dunmer Falris Gimothran during the happenings of Skyrim after they both have to realize that neither can get rid of the other and that it makes more sense to work together than to waste energy on beating each other up. (which they still constantly do anyway :lol: )

Visual References:
A Curious Friendship by ValaSedaiThrough the Marshes by ValaSedai Beware of the Bosmer by ValaSedai

Valisra 'Vala' D'Nharthan
Race: Redguard
Age: ~230 (looks like 35)
Height: 1,65m/5'5''
Eye Colour: light mossy green
Hair Colour & Style: jet black, tight curls, either loose or held back by a subtle ribbon, falls approximately 10cm below her shoulders
Facial & Body Features: slim tilted eyes, high cheekbones, full lips, bloodmarks under eyes and mouth, several scars all over body (see references), small and slim yet very muscular, ebony skin
Preferred Clothing: Any kind of armour that isn't too heavy to allow long distance traveling. Most of all no dresses or anything else that's 'too female'.
Preferred Weapon: swords, particularly long swords/two-handed swords

Key Words: virago, ex-necromancer, sword-fanatic, daddy complex*, morbid sense of humour, nerevarine, stormcloak
*hatred for her father, a noble, who impregnated her mother, a poor maid, and abandoned her afterwards, which her psyche twisted in a strange way so that Vala prefers older men once adult

Born and raised in Cyrodiil where she spends most of her childhood thieving to survive. Thrown into prison and shipped off to Vvardenfell in her early twenties. An old Telvanni wizard in Gnisis introduces her to magic before she joins the Blades and subsequently fulfills the Nerevarine prophecy. After having defeated Dagoth Ur she travels up to Solstheim, where she spends three years at Raven Rock, falls in love with an Imperial who is being called back to assist with the Oblivion Crisis which he does not survive. Desperation and pain drive her back to her old mentor in Gnisis who gladly takes back his pupil. After the obliteration that the Red Year brings with it she falls into dabbling into necromancy and looses two of her companions in a failed attempt to pull off the Lich transformation. Left with blood marks under her eyes and something close to immortality (maybe remnants of her fate as Nerevarine played a part) she swears to never use magic again. Hundreds of years later she stumbles across Ralof and Ulfric and decides to join the Stormcloaks in an effort to finally get back at the Empire.

Visual Refrences (Skyrim):
For Skyrim! by ValaSedaiVery Hot Springs by ValaSedaiReturn to Raven Rock by ValaSedai

The Calm after the Storm by ValaSedaiFalensarano by ValaSedai

If you need more information or have questions of any kind, don't hesitate to ask! :nod:

All Entries will be collected in my favourites, simply comment on this journal or send me a note with the link to your finished entry.

Well then, the contest is on, have fun! :la:
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JNRedmon Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
So many awesome entries!
ValaSedai Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LadyNoise Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013
Good luck with the judging Vala! All of your entries look lovely!
Not much love for Valisra this time, huh? I almost picked her
but I couldn't think of any of my OC's to pair her off with.
ValaSedai Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Considering someone wrote a 38 page story with incredibly precise detail about her past and personality I'd say she got a good amount of love. xD
LadyNoise Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013
Oh I didn't notice that she was the focus of that one. I wish I had more time
to just read stuff like that...or even just to write for myself more too. XD
ValaSedai Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's in French though, so I dunno how many people were able to read it anyway. x'D
MisakiHanako Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
too bad I couldn't finish with mine in time (damn you schoool) but I am looking farward to see the results, to be honest
I think all the entries are awesome and I guess you will have a hard time trying to pick the winners 'D
well, good luck to everyone!! You all did a great job >3<
ValaSedai Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I most definitely will have a reeaaally hard time picking. ;n;
LadyNoise Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013
Here is my entry Vala…
ValaSedai Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
added it! :la:
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