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There's fungus on my TV

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 23, 2014, 11:48 AM
So I noticed I missed my 4yr dAnniversary. Shocking!
Anyway, moving on.

Got a little thing on my mind for like ages already.
I've done a few tutorials over time. People seem to have liked them. Still do.
But oh gosh, I look at them and my eyes are burning with all the horrible things I passed off as advice in those deviations. Like seriously, so much multiple bad advice. Makes me wanna tear out my hair and throw it at myself.
I'm playing with the thought of deleting them. Besides one or two which are still acceptable.
Here's the thing:
People are still constantly faving them. They're probably the works in my gallery which get the most and constant faves. Hell knows why. I even still get people thanking me for them.
But argh they really pain my eyes.
To delete or not delete, that is the question for sure.
Can something really be helpful even though it's so horribly wrong?

And 'cause I'm so darn lazy I'm already gonna wish you all a very merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate this time of the year! :B

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Journal Entry: Sat Dec 20, 2014, 4:26 AM
That's all I wanted to say.

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Let's make this a little more supersonic

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 9, 2014, 10:26 AM
Just a little update journal to prove I'm not dead yet.

It basically comes down to this:

School's still taking up most of my time,
brought two exams behind me already,
got no results yet but I feel pretty confident.

A LOT has been going on in my personal life
but it's not time to talk about it yet.
Just know I'm okay. c:

I'm working on the collab with VanoVaemone,
meaning, yep, I'm artistically active
even though it's not always easy
to find the time to pick up pen and tablet.
It's coming along nicely though. :>

Aaaand I'm looking forward to Christmas. :B

What's new with you guys? :3

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I Pity the Fool

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 26, 2014, 1:36 PM
Wow, dA's mobile interface sucks even bigger balls than I already knew. Took me way too long to find a way to create a new journal entry. :stare:

You know what I'm really tired of? Seeing people say shit like 'I'm sooo untalented and worthless and I create only crap and whine and sob and many fake tears with a rotten cherry on top'. Pull yourself together and behave like an adult. You wouldn't be here if you actually took your own words seriously. Don't go fishing for compliments, just create. Period.

I'll be doing just that. Yup. There really is only one person who can get me out of the worst kind of art block and she has done it again. Collab time, w00t. Thank you, my cute little fluffy pretty snuggly dark angel VanoVaemone. <3

Also, there's a kitten stuck to my back. True story.

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From the Beyond

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 23, 2014, 10:57 AM
'cause I do still doodle here and there in class to fight off sleep. Dang.

Doodl by ValaSedai

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The Deepest Roots

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 13, 2014, 9:02 AM
I'm kinda dead here.
Don't expect anything anytime soon.
It's not just that school is taking up time, every time I think about logging in here I'm like 'meh...tomorrow'.
No inspiration, no motivation, no nothing.
Comments etc are still appreciated but replies will be slow and late.

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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 16, 2014, 1:58 AM
Well well well, I've safely returned from Austria and have already put the first week of my studies behind me. Yup, I actually survived. Getting used to my new rhythm was actually not as scary as I thought. Met some really sweet people as well. Yay for being social.

Please don't expect new art any time soon, I'm just way too tired during the week to touch anything; I tend to spend my evenings watching TV and recently Doctor Who again, or reading. And then when the weekend comes...the motivation simply won't. Yeah, sorry, I'm still knee-deep in my first and worst art block ever. The little ray of light that July brought sadly didn't stick with me.

Still got quite an amount of messages to go through in my inbox as well, I'll do my best not to take TOO long.

So what's new with you guys?

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Busy Busy Busy

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 26, 2014, 5:11 AM
Yup, really busy for once. Well, not yet. But soon.

On July 30th I'll be leaving for Austria to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday and visit some friends back home. Really looking forward to that besides the 25h bus/train trip. On my birthday. Yaaay... :stare:

I'll be back on August 7th and then on August 11th I'll already be starting my education. That means a five day week with hours from 9am till 17pm each day for about ten months. Add an hour of commute to that in the morning and the evening and you can guess I won't be getting much more active than I am right now during that time.

Particularly during my time in Austria I can't promise to be very active at all, I'll have to see if I can leech a bit off my sister's wi-fi here and there but I'll have a pretty packed schedule in general so we'll see how that works out.

Just letting you guys know.

Hope you're all doing great!

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Wet Leather

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 13, 2014, 7:17 AM
Well I'm depressed. Tired and freakishly sad.
That week and a half passed way too quickly and I already missed VanoVaemone the moment she stepped on the train. Argh. *digs a deep hole and jumps in*

We've had a great time. Yep, I'd been worried I wouldn't be a good host but in the end we really hit it off. Which made it all the harder to part this morning.

I've drawn some as you could see. That's great. And I feel like drawing more. That's even better.
But right now I'll stick with being tired and sad.
I'll sit down and reply to all your comments and other feedback as soon as I can pull myself a little bit together.

I'm sorry for my inactivity.

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Just a Zombie

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 30, 2014, 4:22 AM
Really, I swear, I'm not dead.

I've got messages PILING up like crazy in my inbox and I just can't get myself to clean that mess up. A message or two per day, that's all I manage.

The good thing is: while I'm partly still tired from my meds, in general it's good reasons that make me so absent. The only thing that kinda sucks is the fact that my artistic motivation is at an all time low. I just can't WANT to draw. It'll come back. Eventually.

Right now there's two things that have been messing with my rhythm.

1) I've got a definite confirmation that I've been accepted for my education which basically made me cry of joy and relief. This affects my sleep 'cause anticipation and stuff. But not even remotely as much as...

2) In two days I'll be picking up the most amazing girl on this whole planet at the train station here and I'm gonna be able to keep her here for a whole week and a half. (this girl here of course: VanoVaemone <3 )I swear this literally messes up my sleep like shit because I can't stop being excited and nervous. My insides are constantly jumping up and down.

Bottom line:
Please excuse my prolonged semi-absence/laziness/flarghdsfs.
I'll be back full time eventually. I promise.
For now I gotta go back to doing this:

PS: Still loving all you guys!

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First Stream (Castlevania 64) over

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 5, 2014, 10:53 AM
Thanks to eveybody who was there, I had a great time! :)

I've recently, with the help of my lovely assistant VanoVaemone, configured my livestream channel for gaming streams so you can expect some of those very soon!

I will be streaming two games:

Castlevania 64
Darksiders II

No idea what I'll start with, it'll depend on my mood. :>

Time will most likely be late at night, between 22:00 and 00:00 GMT+2.
If this would be SUPER inconvenient for you, let me know and I'll see if I can add differently timed sessions too. :)
Either way I'll keep you guys up to date!

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300 Points Giveaway! - Winners

Journal Entry: Fri May 30, 2014, 6:06 AM

Congrats to sbslink and Viokcha who both scored a perfect 10/10! :clap:
150 :points: each are on the way! :>

(For those interested, I've highlighted the correct answers underneath. :) )

So I've got some spare points rotting away on my account and I figured I'd give you a chance to win them so they'll go to better use.
There will be no, 'comment on this journal, fave this journal, share this journal' or any of that bs, you just have to reply to the following 10 questions which should be an easy task if you're a loyal watcher or even simply know where to look. :B

Do NOT reply in the comments (I won't let that count!), just send me a note with the answers, the highest score gets 300 :points:!
I'll give you until tomorrow night for this; if there's gonna be several equally high scores the points will simply be divided.

Off you go! :la:

1. I was born in...
a) Germany
b) Austria
c) Switzerland

2. I live in...
a) England
b) Belgium
c) France

3. I am...
a) heterosexual
b) homosexual
c) bisexual

4. I am a...
a) professional artist
b) hobbyist
c) no artist whatsoever

5. My favourite video game character is...
a) Ralof from Skyrim
b) Millenia from Grandia II
c) Death from Darksiders II

6. I am...
a) single
b) engaged
c) married

7. I am into...
a) metal
b) pop
c) house

8. I prefer to express myself in...
a) English
b) French
c) German

9. I used to be a CV for the following gallery:
a) Icons & Handhelds
b) deviantART related
c) Emoticons

10. Out of the following I prefer:
a) Sony
b) Nintendo
c) Microsoft

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Austrian Pride, B*tches!

Journal Entry: Sat May 10, 2014, 3:30 PM
Yes, guys, YES! We haven't won since 1966 and holy f*ck, I can't believe we won with such an awesome act! Freedom, acceptance and equality for the win!
And Conchita for president! :lol:
*dances off*

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Got a Date to Prom Yet?

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 27, 2014, 8:15 AM
Well I sure do. I'll be taking my lovely VanoVaemone out on May 10th. :B

No idea what I'm talking about?
Have a look at this journal by Rising-Artists and you'll understand:
You are invited!We at Rising-Artists are pleased to announce that we'll be hosting a 2014 Prom event to help spread the love throughout the community. :heart:
While this event will be hosted by Rising-Artists, anyone and everyone on dA is welcome to join in. We'd like to make this a big event, so we'd love it if you help promote this in your own journal or polls. :D
The Prom event will be a big journal feature of all of the participants and their dates. Please continue reading for more information. :eager:
The feature will be published on Saturday, May 10th so that everyone has plenty of time to find their dates and RSVP.
Want to join in? Just read through and follow the directions below! :dummy:
Have a partner in mind?
Is there a deviant you have always admired? Maybe a crush that you've never had the courage to talk to, or a close friend? :eyes: Now is your chance to make a move!
Comment o

It's a neat event that allows you to get a feature for both you and a friend, so why not join and spread the love? :la:

And while you're at it, I'd love it if you could give my beautiful date some love as well! ovo
Have a look at her gallery that is filled with wonderful poetry, fanfics, stamps, original stories and much more!
She even offers ultra cheap poetry commissions, so seriously, go check her out, I promise it'll be worth your while!
Even if you don't speak French, why not just leave a nice comment? You'll have the chance to get to know a really incredible person that way! :3

Vano's Profile (& Commissions)
Vano's Gallery

Well, maybe I'll see you at prom. ;)

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Just so you know...

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 13, 2014, 7:43 AM
I'm really sorry for being so inactive and f*cking slow lately. I'm working on some pieces for others but some sh*t has been stealing pretty much all my energy so I spend half the day trying not to fall asleep. As you can imagine, not very helpful when you gotta draw. :stare:
But don't worry guys, I'm doing fine otherwise, I just need my body to learn to play along. I've even got my dream education pretty much within reach now so things are going pretty darn well for me. I actually feel that for once things are going just right in my life. I'm finally actively fighting some health issues that have been with me for almost a decade now, I'll soon be going back to school, I've got a wonderful hubby and to top it off there's this amazing girl that has been making me very happy lately as well. (you know who you are ;) )

So...what's up with you guys? :)

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Quite the Achievement

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 22, 2014, 6:46 AM

Following the spirit of my current poll I figured it would be fun to talk about favourite achievements. There's been a few that really stuck with me for different reasons and I'll tell you why below. (might contain very light spoilers)
As always I'd love to hear about your faves as well! :)

Most of my faves are combat related so you can guess what I voted in the poll but you'll see that not all I chose here fall into that category.

Borderlands 2

Goliath by ValaSedai 'Goliath, Meet David' - allowed a Goliath to level up four times before killing him

   Hands down my favourite achievement so far. The description is pretty straightforward, you have to let a Goliath reach at least 'GODliath' level before killing him. You'd think that's tough because he gets freakishly strong at that level but that's honestly not even the problem. Have a rocket launcher or bazooka ready and he's down with a couple shots. The hard part is finding an area where the Goliath is surrounded by enough enemies to kill so he even CAN level up (first level-up you can achieve with a clean head shot but after that he needs kills) and then on top of that making sure he doesn't get himself killed in the process.
   I kept trying in Forstburn Canyon at first but no matter how much help I provided the idiot got himself killed at least two levels from GODliath every time. Eventually I moved my efforts to the Fridge. Pretty much in the beginning there's a great area for this achievement. All you gotta do is kill a few Rats and a Goliath will appear. Got him to level up, killed achievement. Well turns out I was being an idiot and killed him a level too early. I didn't get that though at that point and just thought steam was messing with me so I restarted everything and went back to try. Then I got a level up. That's normally a good thing right? In that case it was pretty darn frustrating though because that means the enemies got adapted and instead of a Goliath a One-armed Bandit kept appearing. Eventually I went back to Frostburn Canyon and for some reason I had no real trouble protecting the Goliath this time. Problem was just that I ran out of enemies for him to kill a bit too fast so I ended up luring him all the way down to Scorch. In the mayhem that ensued, where my biggest fear was that Scorch would ruin my hard work, the Goliath finally managed to reach Fatal GODliath level and *drumroll* my achievement was unlocked. 8)
   Why this one's all the way on top? Because it was frickin' entertaining trying different strategies and locations to get there eventually and because there was an actual challenge to overcome. This is seriously an achievement that deserves the name achievement. :P

Tediore by ValaSedai 'High Flying Hurler' - killed a flying enemy with a thrown Tediore weapon

   There's a certain weapon type the character will automatically throw once the magazine is empty and it's time to reload. The weapon then explodes upon impact, a little like a weak grenade. Trying to hit a Rakk with that pretty darn imprecise type of projectile was a whole lot of fun and quite satisfying once I managed. :B

Dat Guy by ValaSedai 'Well That Was Easy' - completed the mission "Shoot This Guy in the Face"

   This one could partly count as combat related but I mostly put it in here because I love the randomness attached to it. Once you're more or less well into the main story you get to yet another bandit lair. You're bound to eventually stumble over this Psycho who's jumping around like a...well...psycho, begging you to shoot him right in the face. My standard and generally fave weapon is Moxxi's Heartbreaker and considering it's a shotgun it wasn't really hard to miss his face. ;D I was already laughing my ass off at the guy's antics in general (who doesn't love Psychos? No, no I'm not biased because I play as Krieg :P), once an achievement popped up for that mission, I knew this would get a place among my faves. Randomness = awesomeness.

Darksiders - Wrath of War

Duskbats by ValaSedai 'High Flier' - kill 5 duskbats without touching the ground

   The Duskbat execution is probably one of War's most original ones in general, seeing as he grabs the bat's head and impales them with his sword while the bat is supporting both of them in mid-air. Jumping from one bat to the next while executing them one after the other is quite entertaining.
   As far as I know there's only one area in the whole game where this works and if you miss that chance you pretty much have to wait for another save data to try. Sure, you can always commit suicide (ah...I mean in game, people) if you don't manage and then retry but I generally love achievements you have to get at a specific point and if you don't you're f*cked. Makes the 'achievement' part more pronounced.

Helicopter by ValaSedai 'Open Air Parking' - take out a helicopter with a car during the apocalypse

   Another beautifully random one. Who comes up with this stuff, seriously? x)

Darksiders II

Phasewalker by ValaSedai 'Tearing Time A New One' - collect the Phasewalker

   Only story related one in here and it's also just got a spot here because I love the name. Darksiders II generally doesn't have a lot of interesting achievements imho (way too many story related ones) but at least they got some darn amusing names for them. ^^


5 Elements by ValaSedai 'I'm the wizard king, I can do anything!' - create a spell that contains 5 different elements

   Not that challenging but a whole lot of fun. With 10 available elements and each being cancelled out by AT LEAST one of the others it's interesting to find the right combination. Don't ask me which elements I eventually managed to combine because I seriously don't remember but I think it had ice or steam in it.

Okay, guys, time for you to let me know about your favourite achievements/trophies! :la:

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Nightmare Mode?

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 19, 2014, 3:33 AM
As of last night 2:15 a.m. another thing I can cross off my list. :lol:

I couldn't let that darn glitch that killed me last time sit on me so I instantly restarted the next day, breezing through every dungeon since I literally know them by heart now.
The day before yesterday I made it past the City if the Dead where I died the first time. That gave me such a boost that yesterday I completed everything from Earth to the Black Stone and finally the big boss, with a total completion time of 16:28:43. Can't say I'm not at least a little proud. :B

Now I'm really looking forward to continuing the Abyssal Forge and later on starting Demonlord Belial. That'll be so ultimately relaxing after Nightmare mode. xD

So how about you guys tell me about one of the things in a video game that has made you super proud? Some challenge you were incredibly happy to finally overcome? Some achievement you finally unlocked? Some generally hard game you managed to finish eventually? I'd love to hear about your experiences! :)

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Worst programming error ever

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 13, 2014, 3:39 AM
I lived one of my most frustrating video game experiences yesterday.
Late last evening I basically reached the point where I last died in Darksiders II's Nightmare mode but to be sure those Abominations wouldn't get me this time I did everything I could to still reach level 18 before entering the room where they would appear. I had done all quests besides the Bloodless and the Spark of Life then so I pushed through the Bloodless one and collected my XP. That quest grants you a fat amount of them but I was eventually still missing about 600 to go to lvl 18. I started killing skeletons to fill that last bit but after a while I had to notice that I didn't gain any more xp from them. Like literally nothing.
Seeing as they were the highest level enemies on the overworld and baddies don't respawn in dungeons in this game I was left with one option: Go to the Scar. I told myself I wouldn't even have to defeat Ghorn, simply a handful of enemies would be alright. First few already brought me very close to a level up but then it happened.
Now first let me tell you what exactly is the catch in 'Nightmare Mode'. You basically start the game in Apocalyptic, the hardest difficulty available, and you cannot die even once or your whole save data will be reset automatically. Ah but wait, there's more: you cannot die IN COMBAT. You CAN however have as many environmental deaths as you want. You can get your ass burned by lava, you can fall into ravines over and over,....wouldn't count. And rightfully so because sometimes you've just got slightly glitchy sections when it comes to controls, so Death might run a bit further then he's supposed to on a wall or he simply doesn't grab on to a latch.
As I had to, very horrified, find out last night however, there is ONE section in the game that is horribly glitched. Basically, what happened to me, is 100% to the very last move what happened to this dude.
I spent the rest of the night trying not to flip out haha. I'm glad I've grown up enough by now not to let shit like that affect me too much but I'm still a little pissed at this sad programming error.
The GOOD thing is that I've googled a bit and someone confirmed that a similar passage in the City of the Dead (replace lava with spikes basically) is NOT bugged and that's good because while the Scar is only a side quest that I can go without if I can live with the fact of reaching lvl 18 a bit later, I cannot NOT do the City of the Dead, seeing as it's a main quest dungeon. :lol:
That's good to know for next time because I swear I will beat this sucker eventually. :B

Also, my awesome hubby drew this for me afterwards hehe:

Nightmare Mode by ripley4O77

Since we're still on-topic, why don't you guys tell me about some of your most frustrating gaming experiences? (as much as possible without big spoilers plz =P )

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I want to know all about your fave video game

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 5, 2014, 7:37 AM
This morning I started a new save data in Darksiders II on the PC and while playing through the first level one of the many reasons why I love this game so incredibly much seemed particularly obvious. Now I'll get into that right away but since I don't want to just ramble your ears full, I actually want YOU to ramble MINE full this time too. ;)
That means I want you to tell me all about YOUR N°1 video game, the one you love above all else. Don't go 'I can't decide between these one-hundred games' but really tell me about the ONE game that has a very special place in your heart. I want to know everything about how you got to know it, why exactly you love it so much, what makes you elevate it to first place, why you would recommend it, what kind of goodies relating to it you own etc etc.

Surprise, surprise, of course it's Darksiders II for me. :lol:

I could go on forever about how the music gives me goosebumps every time, how the voice actors (among others big names like Keith Szarabajka, Simon Templeman, James Cosmo, Michael Wincott) create some of the most badass dubbing ever, how I sometimes just stare at the environments in awe for seemingly hours, how I think Death is one of the hottest coolest protagonists ever created, how the story is a very intriguing and original take on an existing myth, how every realm is wonderfully different from the others, how the game was inspired by the Zelda series which I love incredibly much, yet seems to still improve upon it in so many ways and so on and so on.

But what really hit me this morning, what really makes me elevate it above all other games I have played and loved ever since I first picked up a Gameboy at age 4, is the fact that I could play it every single day and never get bored of it. I have known the game for about 1,5 years now, have finished it on the WiiU once on Normal, once on Apocalyptic and have once managed to get as far as the City of the Dead in Nightmare mode. I have restarted said mode instantly afterwards, have started another game on the PC on Normal and this morning on Apocalyptic and I sill don't have enough.
You know the feeling when you love a game but there are always some areas that annoy you, that you wish you could skip after having played them so often already? For instance, take the first Darksiders. I love that game so incredibly much too but I frickin' hate the darn Black Throne. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy being there because I get to fight awesome battles and talk to Azrael (hehe) but its length and some of its puzzles are just blargh. Or to name another game, the Snowhead Temple in Majora's Mask. Frickin' annoying. Yet I still love the game as a whole.
Now Darksiders II? Not a one passage that creates that feeling. Not a single one. There's only sections I love, and sections I love more. Even if I've completed a specific dungeon the previous day, I would still enjoy playing it again the very next day.
For a long time my favourite game used to be Ocarina of Time; eventually it got pushed down by Morrowind. They are still on 4th and 2nd Place respectively, and as much as I love them I wouldn't be able to do the same thing as with Darksiders II.

I'm absolutely crazy about that game, about its characters, its universe, its gameplay, its music,...
THQ might have gone bankrupt, leaving me and every other DS fan on the edges of our seats because the story is far from being completed, but I have faith that Nordic Games will eventually continue what Vigil have been forced to abandon. :)

Now it's your turn! Tell me about your most favourite video game! :la:

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Thoughts on ESO

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 2, 2014, 4:00 AM
Well, now that the NDA has been lifted I'm free to share my opinion about the next installment of the Elder Scrolls series. Let me just say that I was really excited about this game, even tough I'm not a big fan of MMORPGs at all. I still thought it looked beautiful before I played it, was intrigued because you could now visit pretty much all of Tamriel, and I figured it's still a TES game with the same feel etc. Yeah well, not really.

I've been in the beta a while back already and made use of that chance over the course of a weekend. I tried, I really did and I really really wanted to like the game but I just can't. Sure, it looks kinda pretty but that's about it. Yes, I even just think it looks 'kinda' pretty. Compared to the previous games (even the ones as old as Morrowind), the game lacks ANY kind of soul. The character I created was a Dunmer so I started in Skyrim and later travelled on to Morrowind. The environments felt so extremely uninteresting, I don't even know how to properly describe that. I'll try it like this: I grew up in Austria and we've got lots of mountains there and a fair bit of snow. I love both to death and while I still love France, there sadly aren't any mountains where I live. Skyrim has always been a way for me to enjoy some of that familiar feel anyway. That feel of climbing up a beautiful mountain, of enjoying the sun on the rocks or the mist between the trees. I've spent countless hours just roaming through Skyrim to dwell on that feeling, to gawk at the landscapes. It felt REAL. Very real. Now ESO has none of that. It feels empty.
Also the part in almost made me feel like the environments were randomly generated from a handful of pre-defined elements. They had no heart, no soul.

Besides the lack of atmosphere, which for me personally is a very important aspect, the game also simply doesn't have the right gameplay feel. Where's all the fun you get from looting all the crap you find in caves and dungeons, from raiding someone's house? It's just not there. You see weapons etc lying around all the time but if you think you can actually pick them up you're pretty darn wrong. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who enjoys that mindless hoarding part in all the previous games. The joy of being over-encumbered once again after just emptying one tiny dungeon.

And last but not least a point that goes a little hand in hand with the first one I mentioned: Having hundreds of other players running around you all the time doesn't allow you to get immersed in the world. I'm pretty sure you all remember pushing ahead in a Sixth House cave, afraid that with every new corner you might stumble across more terrifying ash spawn. Or maybe the feeling you had when first exploring a Nord barrow in Skyrim, where every niche in the wall might hold a Draugr that could jump out at you any time.
How the hell are you EVER supposed to get this kind of immersion with so many random people around you?

tl;dr You won't be seeing me buy/play TESO for a very long time. I'm putting all my hopes on the next numbered installment of the series.

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