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The Woes of a Kitten Mom :/ - Update

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 26, 2015, 12:02 PM
Update: We're back from the vet now and Azura will be just fine. Apparently it was a small wound inflicted by another cat but it had gotten infected so it had grown. It's already healing though and with some antibiotics and regular disinfection he will be as good as new within a few days. He DOES have to wear a cone though over the weekend and he's anything but happy about that. He's walking backwards mostly. :lol:

S5720007-2 by ValaSedai

Well, cats sure make every life better but the worries that come with them are endless haha. "OTL
We've already had to bring our baby to the vet beginning of this month, then buy more treatment later on and now he comes back with an open wound on his upper paw. :( And as you guys know we have like zero money left for the vet. Luckily my mom-in-law told us that the doc is real nice and will probably let us pay next month. Still, it's making me edgy and worried and just ugh. :/

However, if it weren't for some of you guys we wouldn't even have enough money to eat for the rest of the month. I want to give a big shout out to everybody who promoted my commissions, VanoVaemone, Amaethil, Aeirmid, and of course the ever wonderful SavageFrog who constantly spams me everywhere. A huge thank you also to Aeirmid for buying an icon and tipping a real generous amount, and how could I ever forget MarMicheal who actually donated a crazy sum without asking anything in return. (almost made me cry, not even kidding you) And thank you as well to everybody who faved the journal and helped get it out there like that.
All of you really saved us this month. :heart:

Now please cross your fingers things at the vet will go well tomorrow and I will never bother you again. Hopefully. ">__>
*crawls into a dark corner*

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Comms to check out and Other comm related info

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 25, 2015, 3:09 AM
tl; dr: Down there are two commissions you should definitely have a look at. :nod: And I'll be telling you why I'm not uploading all comms I do.

In case you were wondering why I am only uploading a handful of all the commissions I'm doing (seriously a big thank you once again to all the lovely commissioners!), there are two very simple reasons:
1) I don't feel it's useful to have twenty different versions of the same commission option in my gallery, e.g. chibis. So if I didn't upload your commission and you are wondering why, that's probably the reason. It's not because I liked yours less. ;)
2) Sometimes the commissioner prefers to keep the work private and just to themselves, which is more than understandable. I always respect a commissioner's wishes and ask before I upload a piece.

Now go have a look at these two deviants' commissions! :la:

Fire Emblem Mug Shot commissions [OPEN] I have decided to open my commissions for Fire Emblem styled mug shots :D
Like this:
Lets say one character for... 200 
A reference picture is a must or if you don't have one, a good description will do.
So, is anyone interested??

RiverTyna creates these really mind-blowing Fire Emblem styled busts:
Shale Mug by RiverTyna Cixi Mug Commission by RiverTynaZixin Mug Commission by RiverTyna

[FR POEM COMMISSIONS] ~Atelier du vampire [Open]EDIT² : ENCORE DU CHANGEMENT, j'ai retiré les offres réduites pour une simple raison. Le but même des réductions était que les demandes puissent être plus nombreuses. Du fait que ça n'a pas eu l'effet voulu, je dois retourner sur l'ancienne formule pour pouvoir commissionner. Je souhaite tout de même que cette décision encourage les fidèles clients ! Pray 
Sous forme de commission, je peux créer un poème pour vous chers gens °3° Que ce soit sur l'un de vos personnages fictifs, vous-même (attention la plume de l'écrivain peut être sarcastique :') ) ou sur un thème qui vous tient à coeur, je le ferai afin de vous satisfaire °3°
*Petit vocabulaire de la poésie :
-Qu'est-ce que les rimes : c'est ce qu'on appelle les mots en fin de vers dont le son est le même. Exemple : coeur et bonheur. Il existe trois t

VanoVaemone can make any of your French poetry wishes come true!

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Too Lazy to Think of a Good Title

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 17, 2015, 2:21 AM
tl;dr: Rant about people selling their art way too short, personal art status and request for advice on greyscale colouring.

Hello my dear watchers,

It's about time for a small update. :)

But before I get into my personal art status and life stuff I would like to address a topic that has me frustrated very often, and happened to turn up again recently.
Please, please, PLEASE, if you offer commissions, do so for a reasonable price. And no, I am not talking about people selling their works for too much but rather way too little. It pains me to see artists sell their art for barely a dollar; art that takes them often several hours to create, with a lot of effort invested. Think about the time you spend on a commission, the energy you spend on it. Don't lower your prices to a ridiculous amount because you think you won't get any requests otherwise. If someone really wants one of your works they will GLADLY put down the appropriate amount of dollars, euros, points etc. Slashing your prices is NOT a solution. It will simply have people exploit you and have you devalue your own hard work.
(short-term reductions of a certain percentage are not the same of course)
If you want more requests, then make sure to get your commission info out there. Ask friends and watchers for help with promotion or approach groups that specialize in this. There are even general groups that will accept your journals with commission info.
Just please stop degrading your own art like that. It really pains me to see this happen.

Now for some personal news.
I've just finished a really successful internship, which is why I've been slow with art over the last two weeks. I will return to the company in January since things went so well and I will be doing a lot of art practice for that job in the meantime, so you might get to see some of that. :nod:
Besides that I am working on two icon commissions and two art trades. With the latter I am sadly blocked concerning one particular detail, which is frustrating since I am so happy with what I already have. >__>

Finally, I would like to get some input from those of you who have tried colouring from greyscale. I have been experimenting with that in the past and have recently tried it again but while it should technically be easier than colouring right away since you can first take good care of values and only then worry about colours, I still have trouble with it. Do any of you have experience with it? Like, what layer options do you use for instance? Colour, overlay, multiply,...? And how do you choose your colours to not get distorted?

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Will Pixel for Food...Again :/

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 29, 2015, 3:07 AM
I hate having to do this so much but I simply have no other option to earn extra money at the moment. Since my cat needed treatment twice this month once again, and just earlier today I had to buy medication for myself which unfortunately wasn't covered by my health insurance and we have to pay extra taxes this month...things just aren't really easy right now. :(
Even if you could just help me promote my commissions I would already love you guys to death!! :)

Available options: (more examples of what I can do in my gallery)

Dancing mini chibi (50x50):
Shake It, Andrew! by ValaSedai 6€

Sitting chibi (50x50):
Lunai Nether by ValaSedai
Reikara by ValaSedai Reiz by ValaSedai

static: 8€
w/simple animation: 10€

Sitting chibi couple (100x50):
-> delivered both separate and merged

Couple-icon-zoryanny by ValaSedai    Kriin et Gwyn by ValaSedai
static: 16€
w/simple animation: 20€

Miscellaneous icon (50x50):
Birdie by ValaSedai Time by ValaSedai Little Thief by ValaSedaiSuki by ValaSedaiLittle Mac by ValaSedai

static: 12-14€ (depending on complexity)
w/ animation: 15-18€ (depending on complexity)

Retro sprites:
-> delivered in several zoom factors

Shrimp Girl Final-comm Ex by ValaSedai Amaethil Comm Final by ValaSedai

static: 12€ per pose

Group icon (or stamp of equal size = 100x50):
Group Icon: ArtisticAnimals by ValaSedai
static: 18-20€ (depending on complexity)
w/ animation: 21-24€ (depending on complexity)

Terms and conditions:

:bulletpink: Paypal only.
:bulletpink: Payment always in advance. We can discuss all the details before you pay and see how things can be done, but I will only start working AFTER the money has arrived.
:bulletpink: Depending on complexity, please consider up to two weeks working time. That excludes possible waiting time if the slot list is long.
:bulletpink: I reserve the right to decline any commission without having to give a reason but know right away that I most definitely won't do anything overly sexual or with strange fetishes etc. Keep the demands clean, please.
:bulletpink: Leave a comment on this journal or note me directly if you're interested.


1. OfOneSoul

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DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 7, 2015, 2:59 AM


How long have you been on DeviantArt?

4,5 years on this account and about three years before that I had another account which I barely ever used though.

What does your username mean?
Watch Stargate SG-1 and read Wheel of Time to find out. ;)

Describe yourself in three words.

Loner. Dreamer. Lost.

Are you left or right handed?

What was your first deviation?
Pastpresentfuture-new-p-2-small by ValaSedai

What is your favourite type of art to create?

I think a look at my gallery makes this question useless, but okay: digital fan art, in particular TES related landscapes.

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

What was your first favourite?
How the HELL am I supposed to know that after almost five years?

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
fan art or fantasy art

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I honestly don't have one. There's too many artists I appreciate for different reasons.

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

namenotrequired offered me a very warm welcome back on my first day with this account, making sure I was gonna stick around and feel motivated to carry on instead of abandon again as I did with my other account.

What are your preferred tools to create art?
Wacom tablet and Photoshop CS.

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

My couch, in front of my computer, whenever I am playing a good video game.

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Receiving my first DD was pretty insane since I would never have expected to see such extreme interest in that particular piece. But every time I meet a cool person on here would count as well. :)

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To the Morrowind fans among my watchers...

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 18, 2015, 1:14 AM
I was wondering if anyone has ever tried the MGE mod? I've been reading up a little on it and looking at screenshots and now I'm just curious if anyone here actually has experience with it. 'Cause it seems interesting but I'm iffy since I don't want anything that changes the original atmosphere of the game, which I'm obviously very attached to.
So let me know, does it change the original feel? Make it better, worse?
And does it work without issues?

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Back to the Roots

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 14, 2015, 1:43 AM
tl;dr: Life can be a bitch but we survive and my art's gonna take a positive backwards swerve.

Hey guys,

once again long time no see. Life has been tumultuous. School ended for good about two weeks ago which was very emotional and saddening on my part, I'm getting rl projects such as a driver's license rolling over the summer (heck, I've waited long enough), been hit with another harsh wave of depression (which is, I'm pretty sure, mostly thanks to loosing the red thread school had provided)...but that doesn't mean I'm not doing alright. So don't you dare worry!

As for my art...I've had to come to a certain realization. Well, to be honest, I've known it for a while already, but this time it's really started to crystallize more clearly.
You've all noticed my uploads were a pretty darn rare thing as of late. Yes, that was in part because of a relatively intense lack of time. You can probably imagine that doing a study that usually takes three years in eleven months is...well stressful. A great time saver, seeing as I'm not getting any younger either, but still stressful.
There's another reason though and that's my own...ambition. It's hard to find the right word for it but I guess ambition works best.
 Let me explain.

If you've been with me for a while, maybe even the whole 4,5 years I've been on here now, then you must have noticed that I've gone through some drastic changes in my art style and direction. (if you're new, you can get a small idea by looking at this work here, even though it encompasses a bit more than just my time on dA and doesn't even take into account my pixel art)
It started out with a lot of experimentation until I finally touched at a style and motifs that made me happy and satisfied. They made me feel good. Simply good. But then I got ambitious. I wanted to push myself. I wanted to do more. To step out of my comfort zone. Which, as pretty much any professional artist will tell you, is a great thing to do. And I don't regret it. I've learned to draw humans. To draw realistic anatomy. Certainly not flawless, I'd never assume that. But I know now that I CAN. I've worked with colour themes that literally made me feel uncomfortable and were a pain in the ass to do. But I did it. I know I can do it now.

But now? I feel like I've gotten to a point where I can't be happy with a work until it shows something new, something I've never done before, something that pushes me once more, and if it's just a small detail that no one else would even notice. And THAT, that's a bad thing. I'm not a professional and never will be. Art is a hobby for me, a means of relaxation, a way to do something creative that I can be proud of.
My head is still filled with innumerable ideas, but as of late I discard the majority without seriously considering them because I feel they are too ambitious. Because I don't think I could get it done how I would really like to. Because a lot of them are so huge that just thinking of them makes me tired and drained. I sometimes manage to open a canvas in PS and then just stare at it for a long time, eventually closing it again. Oooh wee, so productive.
When I look at some of my more recent works I still feel proud of most of them, even the ones that weren't that much fun to draw, but then I look at the ones I really enjoyed...and I wanna get that feeling back. And you know which works made me happiest? Simple ones like these:

The Tree Stone by ValaSedai Forgotten Waypoints by ValaSedai To High Hrothgar by ValaSedai The Atronach Stone by ValaSedai
Koal Cave by ValaSedai At the Sanctus Shrine by ValaSedai

Do you notice a pattern? The colour themes maybe? The lack of characters? The fact that they're actually ALL TES fan arts?
Yes, in the end those are what I love doing. And it's not like it has to be exactly that, I mean I've immensely enjoyed doing these two here as well:

Meditating the Emblems by ValaSedai Discovery at Dusk by ValaSedai

Different colour themes, small characters...but when it comes down to it not so different.

Bottom line: I'm getting tired of not doing anything because I wanna push myself so hard. I'd literally forgotten why I picked up pen and tablet in 2010. I want to get that feeling back. I want to get back to drawing works that I can finish in a day or two, not a whole month.

Basically what to expect from me in the near future. Besides that art trade and that contest prize I still owe. No, I have not forgotten you. I hide in shame but I have not forgotten you. Aroccon and VanoVaemone, your works WILL come, rest assured.

And now I'm out to get some breakfast. Cheers for having read it all.

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Gazing into the Black

Journal Entry: Fri May 29, 2015, 11:11 AM
School's more or less over, I acquired my diploma with first class honours, we do however still need to do one last four week internship. Since I don't need to study anymore though, I'll finally have time to draw again. There's even something in progress already for a couple weeks. Hoping to finish it soon.
And since the last, totally useless courses in school today bored the shit out of me I doodled. So have some half-assed ballpoint pen drawings.

Img 20150529 0001 by ValaSedai

I should also, over the course of this summer, finally get to drawing the two works I still owe people.
Then in autumn I'll start another study. If I get in. Cross your fingers and toes. :)

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When you die and die again...just to die some more

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 12, 2015, 1:21 AM
That's pretty much what's been keeping me busy when school hasn't.
Maybe some fan art at one point.

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To see the world, things dangerous to come to...

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 14, 2015, 1:00 AM
Saturday morning, sipping hot ginger-lemon infusion, listening to chill Austrian radio and being circled by a slightly hyped-up's pretty good I'd say. All of that doesn't take into account the humongously important exam I've got next Thursday and the four-week internship I'll start the week after. And getting school applications done. And planning a trip to Austria in summer. Haha yeah, stress is ever-present anyway.

Check out this guy here on youtube if you're into gaming and metal. He's doing some pretty sweet shit and definitely deserves a whole lot more attention.

On another note, I am totally psyched about recent news concerning the announcement of a Battle Chasers game. Would I have preferred Joe Mad to announce a Darksiders 3? Ofc I would have but I take what I'll get and Battle Chasers DOES look like a freakishly beautiful series and knowing it'll be an RPG, on top of that in Mad's style...I can't help being excited. :)
Been feeling a whole lot like gaming in general again lately. But besides weekends I hardly find the energy to do so. :/ Good thing it IS weekend!

How's life treating everyone?

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Engineerings of Life

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 14, 2015, 3:07 AM
Woah it's been a small eternity since I've talked to you guys on here.
I'm not gonna apologize 'cause why would I apologize for life? =P

No seriously, it's simply school that's keeping me busy. Full time hours, exams almost every week and recently a three week internship in the freezing winter cold. Drains you, I tell ya, drains you like hell. On top of that I got to think a lot during said internship. Think about my path after I got the diploma I'm currently working on.
And I came to the conclusion that it won't be a life choice, that it's just a stop on the way. I simply can't stay in this particular niche of the profession forever. Gonna start doing my driver's license now on the side already if I can find the right financial aids, then go back to work for a year after school, collect some experience in this particular field and then it's probably back to university. I found an incredibly promising study of 3-5years in my immediate proximity on a prestigious faculty and well... friends at school keep telling me I am wasting my potential where I am right now and as much as I hate admitting it because I loathe sounding arrogant,...they do have a small point.
Either way, won't be finished with school before July, can't start with uni before Sept 2016 most likely, so there's plenty of time to think things over.

Bottom line being: I am both physically and mentally exhausted but happy. Yup. :)
Well, I'm kinda sick right now, still got a little cold that I thought was gone but decided to bother me again. So I'm gonna spend my weekend watching The Evil Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, baking homemade Apfelstrudel, sipping lots of ginger infusions with honey and lemon and ofc, play Majora's Mask 3D. :la:

What about you guys? What's new? What's old?

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There's fungus on my TV

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 23, 2014, 11:48 AM
So I noticed I missed my 4yr dAnniversary. Shocking!
Anyway, moving on.

Got a little thing on my mind for like ages already.
I've done a few tutorials over time. People seem to have liked them. Still do.
But oh gosh, I look at them and my eyes are burning with all the horrible things I passed off as advice in those deviations. Like seriously, so much multiple bad advice. Makes me wanna tear out my hair and throw it at myself.
I'm playing with the thought of deleting them. Besides one or two which are still acceptable.
Here's the thing:
People are still constantly faving them. They're probably the works in my gallery which get the most and constant faves. Hell knows why. I even still get people thanking me for them.
But argh they really pain my eyes.
To delete or not delete, that is the question for sure.
Can something really be helpful even though it's so horribly wrong?

And 'cause I'm so darn lazy I'm already gonna wish you all a very merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate this time of the year! :B

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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 25, 2013, 11:12 PM
Today would have been Sophie Lancaster's 27th birthday.
Yet Sophie was robbed of the chance to live any more of her birthdays on Saturday, 11 August 2007
when a group of teenagers beat her to death and heavily injured her boyfriend for the simple reason of looking different.

Consider donating to the Sophie Lancaster foundation, an organization that aims to promote tolerance and acceptance.
The organization and the values it stands for are particularly close to my heart
since I am part of the same subculture as Sophie but I believe
that each and every single one of us should not forget that we might not all look the same
but aren't that different on the inside after all.

Have a look at the organization's official promo movie:

And Dutch symhonic metal band Delain's tribute to Sophie:

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Last month's collected DDs from the Icons & Handhelds gallery. :)

:bulletpink: 2013-10-01
Free Love Sushi Avatar by zara-leventhal by zara-leventhal
suggested by Rosella-of-Daventry, featured by ValaSedai

:bulletpink: 2013-10-05
Free Icon: Flabebe's Flower - Orange by SinfullyCute by SinfullyCute
suggested by RRRAI, featured by ValaSedai

:bulletpink: 2013-10-06
by Rigune
suggested by cliselle, featured by ValaSedai

:bulletpink: 2013-10-11
Jello Cake Icon by rosesfairy by rosesfairy
featured by ValaSedai

:bulletpink: 2013-10-13
Social Media by givesnofuck by givesnofuck
suggested by Kida-neechan, featured by ValaSedai

:bulletpink: 2013-10-18
Tryst iPad Theme by Friggog by Friggog
suggested by Kida-neechan, featured by ValaSedai

:bulletpink: 2013-10-21
Dancing Dalek by CookiemagiK by CookiemagiK
suggested by winterei, featured by ValaSedai

:bulletpink: 2013-10-26
FREE Icon / Avatar : Balloon Float Candy Pandy by Sarilain by Sarilain
suggested by JupiterLily, featured by ValaSedai

:bulletpink: 2013-10-31
Free avatar: Frankenstein by Tipleloop by Tipleloop
featured by ValaSedai

Never forgotten

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 29, 2013, 10:20 AM

In memoriam Jens-kun
25.06.1996 - 29.10.2012


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Do's and Dont's of Digital Painting

Tue Jul 23, 2013, 7:05 AM

Do's and Don'ts of Digital Painting

    The possibilities of digital painting and digital art in general are almost infinite. There is basically nothing you cannot do as long as you just know how to approach it. Yet an abundance of programs and tools has both advantages and disadvantages. Knowing what to favour and what to avoid can be both a huge time saver and help you sidestep frustration.
    What we will focus on in this article are some basic tools and techniques of digital painting; we'll try to root out pitfalls and see how to avoid them. Mind that all of the points mentioned below aren't rules carved in stone; there are always cases where breaking the rules can be much more fruitful for a certain effect than following them too strictly. With time and practice you will gain good judgment over when to follow the guidelines and when to leave them aside.

Note: Names of certain tools might vary depending on the art program you use.

:thumbsdown: White Backgrounds

    While a clean white background can be just fine for a simple line sketch, it is not advisable to leave the canvas colour on default in cases where a certain mood needs to be set and for general works with background. Plain white will 'distort' your colours in a way that otherwise light colours seem too dark and washed out. Compare the impact of the interior colour on the left and on the right side in Img1.

:thumbsup: Remedy: Instead think about the atmospheric aspect of the image you have planned and floodfill the background with the predominant colour or even better a manual gradient of several of the main colours.

Img1 - Colour perception depending on background colour.

:thumbsdown: Blending with the Smudge Tool

    On first glance the smudge tool seems like such an easy and comfortable way to blend colours, particularly for beginners. Personally I believe however that this is the tool that needs to be avoided like nothing else when starting out with digital painting. On one hand blending colours with the smudge tool easily creates a very dirty and hard-on-the-eye effect and on the other hand it is thrice as time consuming as other blending methods.
    The main problem with the smudge tool is the fact that it doesn't so much blend the colours as it just pulls them into each other in a mostly very irregular way that can take a long time to clean up. That also touches on the problem that the amount of colour shades you are using will stay at a minimum and thus make your painting appear bland and flat.

:thumbsup: Remedy: The most effective, time saving and visually most satisfying way to blend colours is a combination of eyedropper tool and airbrushes. Colour A and Colour B can easily be blended by eyedropping A and applying it with a low opacity airbrush (soft or hard depending on the desired outcome) on the border between A and B, then eyedropping B and applying it on the same border. Keep eyedropping the colour blend you create and applying it to the border. Rinse repeat.
PS Hint: Holding down Alt while having the brush tool selected gives you quick access to the eyedropper tool.

Img2 - Comparison of airbrush and smudge tool blending.

:thumbsdown: Shading with Black and White

    Choosing colours when shading should never be done by shifting them straight towards black or white. Natural lighting will always create a variety of hues even on a monochrome object and shadows are hardly ever clean black or grey. Ignoring that fact will result in unrealistic and flat looking objects.

:thumbsup: Remedy:
Use hue shifts of varying degrees to shade. For instance highlights on a red object could go over into yellow, shadows on a blue object into green,...
An easy rule of thumb would be to use the next warm colour in the colour diagram for highlights, the next cold one for shadows. Keep in mind though that depending on the prevalent lighting this could easily change. If in doubt don't hesitate to look at objects under different lighting in real life if available or make use of reference photos otherwise.

Img3 - Shading with and without hue shifts.

:thumbsdown: Shading with the Dodge/Burn Tool

    The dodge and burn tools pose a problem not unlike shading exclusively with black and white. Even when making use of the different settings these two tools allow they still tend to mainly blacken and whiten, thus easily washing out vibrant and clean colours and creating the same flat effect as shading with black and white.

:thumbsup: Remedy: Always favour shading with brushes. Airbrushes, basic round brushes, calligraphic brushes, texture brushes,...anything goes depending on the visual impact you are going for. The important thing to remember is that only brushes will give you full control over the colours you lay down while tools like dodge and burn create shades automatically which hardly ever look good.

Img4 - Comparison of brush shading and dodge/burn shading.

Remember that when it comes down to it, you should use what works best for yourself and what YOU feel most comfortable with
but keeping the above guidelines in mind can never hurt. :)


Gallery Makeover: Icons and Handhelds

Mon Mar 11, 2013, 3:48 AM
   We're slowly nearing the end of this first phase of the Gallery Restructure Project which means if you would still like to give us any kind of feedback related to the Icons & Handhelds gallery structure, now's the time to do so! :)
    Please also scroll down and see which points have been brought up by the community and feel free to tell us what you think about them.

     As recently announced by Moonbeam13 in this article deviantART will soon be undergoing a rather extensive makeover of the gallery system in order to streamline categories and simplify submissions. That will amongst others include the removal of dead categories, merging where it makes sense or simply a complete restructuring of a whole root category if necessary.
    Community input is highly important for this so with this journal you have  the opportunity to specifically give feedback concerning the Icons & Handhelds part of Customization. I will present you some personal thoughts as well as Athos-of-Light's input and then it's time for you to weigh in and let us know what you would like to see changed or kept as it is. :)

    First off though, why is it even necessary to change anything about this part of the Customization gallery?
    While I personally believe that the structure of the Icons part is quite well established and makes sense as well as it is easy to submit to, the Handhelds part is simply put a mess. Different customization elements don't have their own areas but are squished together with their respective technologies and even worse part of those are so outdated that their viability is more than questionable what with receiving maybe four submissions per month, half of those miscats. On the other hand too many newer technologies and devices aren't represented at all, leaving a good number of deviants planless when it comes to submitting their works which in turn leads to even more miscats.
    As Athos-of-Light put it, what we need is a much more flexible tree that can adapt to new technologies as well as creating broader and more open categories in order to avoid miscats as much as possible and to make it easier to locate specific types of works.

    Below you can see a quick graph I put together of Athos-of-Light's mock up. Check it out and let us know in a comment if you think it would improve the situation.

Things we would specifically like you to think about and get your feedback on:

:bulletblack: Are you satisfied with the gallery structure of the Icons and the Handhelds area?
:bulletblack: Have you encountered difficulties while finding the right place to submit to?
:bulletblack: Are there any subcategories you believe redundant?
:bulletblack: Any that you are sorely missing? (e.g. any technologies in Handhelds that you believe would deserve their own subcategory)
:bulletblack: Do you have anything else that you would like us to be aware of?

Points to discuss brought up by the community:

:bulletpink: pica-ae mentioned that having a wallpaper subcategory might not make sense since a lot of handheld wallpapers are submitted to the general wallpaper category, both as part of packages and as standalone works. Would you prefer them merged or do you think they should stay separated?
VSConcepts as well suggested to remove the wallpaper subcategory and add it to the general Wallpaper one.
Example: Cust/Handhelds/../Wallpapers would become: Cust/Wallpapers/Handhelds/

:bulletpink: IridescentStardust suggested that a division between Free To Use Icons and Non Free Icons could be useful and would clear up some confusion when looking for usable icons right away.

    Please leave your feedback either here in the comments or send a note to ValaSedai and Athos-of-Light! :eager:


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ValaSedai has limited the viewing of this artwork
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ValaSedai has limited the viewing of this artwork
to members of the DeviantArt community only.

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